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We offer SMPP server gateway that is very reliable, fast & unique.

SMPP Server is now becoming the vital part of any business

Affordable protocol to send SMS during high traffic.

We ensure smooth delivery of message through SMPP Server

No worry about the scalability as your business grow, get 3000 TPS.



Our SMPP client service helps you to bind SMPP connection in your system, take any SMPP connectivity from operator and tie with SMPP Client to start to send bulk SMS.



Our SMPP Server India is a powerful product highly developed with SMPP Protocol to manage your all SMS business. Send single SMS or thousands of SMS with the combination of SMPP Server.



We provide you a way to connect unlimited SMPP users account with your Bulk SMS application. Create unlimited SMPP account for other aggregator providers!

Making the First Step in the world of SMPP Understand Terms to Connect with SMPP-


External Short Messaging Entity is an inbuilt application that provides connection to a Message center.


Routing Entity in the SMPP is a network that connects one Message to another in any region of the country.


Cell broadcast Entity this multi-user front end allows you to broadcast messages.


Message Centre is the part of a wireless network that manages all bulk SMS operations including coverts & delivery of short messages.

Real-time DLR

Many SMPP providers in India offers you delivery reports on success and failure deliveries of SMS. Besides, our incredible SMPP server shows the reason for failed deliveries also.

Special Prices

Let's connect to our SMPP SMS gateway via APIs and send thousands of SMS messages at special prices!

Direct Connection to Carriers

SMPP application offers a direct communication between carrier partner and you. It also provides instant delivery.

Fast Reliable Network

Send high volume text messages at up to 200 messages per second via our SMPP server API India.

Why Choose Us?
We are among one of the Top & Oldest SMPP Provider!

SMPP is an advanced bulk SMS SMPP gateway for Aggregators, Carrier and operators.

Our unique SMS API connection works as an effective API to shoot text SMS to customers. However, the SMPP protocol is mainly used by telemarketing industry for exchanging messages between SMSC or ESME.

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